Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dear Mother,
You come to us once a year
For a brief ten days to our choice,
To bless us do what we want.
In a dazzle we wrap you,
For we want to anaesthetize what we know
With what we want to feel !
In blares of cacophony we sing for you
For we want to silence the despair inside us;
We install you in a market place,
And cry halt to all traffic
That the terrible traffic within rage on;
And when we get rid of you
In a welter of published holiness
We celebrate funeral of all holiness!
You allow yourself a smile we give you,
You ride the lion we make for you,
You pretend to kill the demon we dress for you,
And we take, you bless us well;
For what else can you do?
You are our kindest Mother,
While we insult you in our women,
We outrage you in our daughters, and sisters,
We bleed you in our neighbours,
And ask you Mother Dear,
Fulfill our lives !

Mother, you have been doing for love
What we ask of you;
Now for a change,
Why not force us do
What you want us do ?


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funky_unik said...

Its awesome....speechless...