Friday, August 6, 2010


Your face is all over the place,
The little haven I call my home;
And your gentle smiles
Still light up each curve in the air
That go round and round
Rubbing on the old walls.
Your hard breathings still heard
Over the edge of your laughter
Make us aware even today
Pains are painless when you look beyond
Why, how and what
To merge this with that.
Your quiet footnotes
On things and people
Still draw us away
When we plunge in a reckless way
To script prescriptions for the world
Keeping the Doctor at bay.
You were quiet in your vocality
Upholding in your strength,
Fierce in your loyalty
And assuring in your sincerity.
To call you a friend is
To notice a pearl among sands,
For life produces things that endure
Not in the backyard of kings
But between the lips of leaves.
Greatness hardly notices goodness
For goodness hardly envies the great.
You didn’t want to be needed,
But when you weren’t around
They knew they missed you.
The story of living a life
Shall continue to be told;
But when I shall begin, Once upon a time…
I shall halt twice
To choose the next word.

(On sudden demise of a friend)


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