Saturday, June 16, 2018


Devotee - Swami, it has been a long time you called me.
Swami - Not very long, only two weeks. You had your annual tests, so I did not want to disturb you. And after a week you shall have your holidays, and you must go home. So I thought we can meet once before that.
D - No Swami, I do not want to go home, I would rather stay here with you listening to your priceless words.
S - Listening? When would you practise then? Why should I speak to such a coward, lazy fellow who runs away from his duties?
D – Swami! I am surely not a coward. To desire to stay with one’s Guru and God cannot be cowardly.
S - I have told you several times, you have to practise my words. You have to tell the society the relevance of spiritual life. That way you can show gratitude to your Guru. Take my upadesh home, to your friends, to your family and neighbours, let them see in you the change I want to bring in the world, and help them restructure their lives. You wanted to be my soldier, didn’t you?
D -  Yes Swami, very much.
S - And when I send you to the battle ground, you back out! I don’t need you here, I need you, and all other students, out there in the world to reconstruct humanity. Do you think I called all of you here to give you a pleasant time? More difficult times are ahead, and I am preparing my brigade, who would live spiritual lives, and show to the world how to live. You are being groomed to be a new band of knights, who would not fight to destroy, but fight to build a new world in the desolate minds of a confused, and frightened humanity. How can I leave them to their doom, even though it is their own doing? I love them, the saint and the sinner, all, for they are my children. And I commission you to serve them on my behalf. I have given you so much, now is time to pay back. Will you do that?
D - Forgive me Swami, I was carried away in my love for You. I shall gladly and gratefully do as you command. But I have only one prayer Swami. You shall be always with me, and whenever I need you, and come to You, You will speak with me.
S - Poor dear! How can you ever think I send you out into the wide world to do my work, and shall not be with you? But why should you come here to speak with me? I did not know you have such poor opinions about me!
D -  Swami, I don’t understand what you are saying!
S -  My boy, you ask me to be with you all the time, and yet say that you must come here to meet me! Either you don’t mean what you say, or have no faith in me.
D - Oh, Swami, I again committed a silly unthinking mistake. But even though I know you will speak with me in my heart, how can we keep away from this elevating experience of being with You physically! You are the embodiment of love, and like a flock of sheep we shall forever seek the physical presence of our dear shepherd.
S - Well, well, I am here on the earth precisely to do that, to give and receive love. But remember, my love is not attachment. I have told you several times that devotion and duty must go together. If devotion is not translated into work, that devotion has no value for me. You must manifest me in your lives, and tell the world I never have been a stranger to man. Humanity has to be helped in developing closeness with God which it has forgotten, and when you stand before them, smiling bright faces, joy in the heart and benevolence in hands, they will understand what it means to be close to God. No one can do better service than this. Can you do this?
D -  Yes Swami, we will.
S -There is a lot of noise, confusion in the world. People need some power so desperately to fix their lives. There is a lot of commerce going on in God’s name. People want God to ensure success and happiness. But no one is any nearer to any one of them. Do you know why? They do not know what is success, and where to find happiness. To find yourself is success, is happiness. How can you tell them that? They have no time even for themselves. You must show them in your lives how to find yourself. The more you manifest God in your lives, the more do you find God in others, and the more you find yourself. Fill your hearts with love, and wear compassion in your eyes, in your words, in your hands and feet. Then they will know they don’t have to import, or manufacture a God. Can you take me closer to my people?
D -  Yes swami, we will.
S – Study my words, understand them not with your intellect, but with your heart where you have installed me. I will guide you from there.  You will not find me where there is selfishness and conceit, where there is even the smallest desire to establish the self. I have told you several times, the only way to remember me is to forget yourself.
D -  Yes Swami. But how to forget ourselves?
S –Live in my Presence always. When you see anything beautiful, a lovely flower, a noble deed, an innocent smile, thank me, for I am the source of all beauty, truth and auspiciousness. When you hear wind singing by, think that I am whispering a message in your ears. When you come across a sick and lonely man, think that I am waiting in him for your attention. When the first raindrop after summer touches the thirsty earth, know that it is my love soaking her. I am forever all around you, like a quivering wave of sweetness and strength, of love and grace, of surpassing power to pulverize all that prevents you from reaching your own truth. Then where is doubt, where is loneliness, where is the sting of failure, or even disease and death? Can you do this?
D -  Yes Swami, we will. 
S – Once I told the boys about the greatness of a fish. It always lives in water, surrounded by it on all sides. It eats away all the dirt in the water around and keeps it clean. It is far better than a selfish person who makes the place where he lives dirtier. Think that like a fish you are living in me, I surround you on all sides. Like a fish keep your environment clean. Living in God is real happiness.
D –Yes Swami. Though my heart bleeds to think of going away from your Presence, I will follow your command.   
S - Then go out into the world my soldiers, enveloped by me, commissioned by me, led by me, to live for me. If I am your Krishna, you are all my Parthas, armed to the teeth with my power, my grace, and my assurance of success. Then I will make you my flutes.
D -  Swami, my heart overflows in gratitude, and words shrink into silence.
S – My Blessings.                      
              - Completed


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