Thursday, October 27, 2011


You told me, “See me within yourself,
“If you would save me”.
But I loved to see you
Walk unto me, ask for my letter
And smile before you pass on.

Today when the marbles tell me
You will no more walk unto me, and smile,
I know You have walked into me,
Marbles and all, and smile
At my letter before I write.


I see two dawns everyday;
One that comes behind the hills,
Rolls down the tree-tops
Fills the dark-and-blue sky
With gold-pink-and-blue.

The other,
When I stand before you –
A new light fills me,
The darkness of doubt and disappoint
Thaws into liquid hope,
And I am remade for the day.


How do you smile like that !
Eyes smaller, and sharper,
Lips wide, topped by puddles,
And the whole face a ripple of joy.
You drown me in it,
You uphold me to float on it;
You possess me in a hug,
And absorb me does a cotton-ball.


1 comment:

sugeet said...

thank you sir, it made my day!